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Michelle Copeland has been practicing Glass Art since 1991 in the following disciplines: - Stained Glass - Lampworking - Fusion and Slumping - Hand-Painted - Sandblasting - Blown Glass. Largely self-taught, Michelle's unusual approach to glass is exhibited in her art, capturing elegance, energy and playful color in her work. Each piece is individually created by the artist herself - her unique approach to glass adds interest, prestige and value. Line, form, color and movement are key ingredients that combine to articulate Copeland's distinctive style.
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Glass: One Small Voice in a Vast Industry

Forward: The following is a copy of Glass Industry news we should all be made aware of. Glass artists around the globe are making efforts to ensure the continuation of an ancient art form, but this news has us trembling in our boots and we need your help! I know this is long, but please […]

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Tree Mini Window


Thistle News Some exciting things are happening at Thistle Glass, so it must be time to blog about it! Here are some links to articles and honorable mentions: 5-2013: the Vice Mayor of Cloverdale, Carol Russell, included us in her article about the CAFE group, who we work closely with for small business guidance. You can read […]

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Into the Glass

Glass as I see it

Deep in glass process thoughts, I have sequestered myself away to listen, see and feel the colors. In front of me, a large array of blown glass twisted cane. Letting the pieces fall together the way they want, finding the right bend, cutting in just the right place… all the while, recalling the glass blowing sessions for […]

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Recycled Wine Bottle, engraved, sealed with food safe coating

Recycling: All about the Bottle

After over 20 years in the glass industry, I decided it’s time to explore the process of melting glass bottles. One would think this is a simple process, but after diving in, I realize recycling bottles is as difficult, if not more difficult than traditional glass fusion. Perhaps the most important info I can share […]

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Gloria Ferrer Winery 2013

Booth Photos

Take a peek at my 2013 booth arrangements. Like my glass, my booth is constantly evolving. You can find my glass by shopping here online, or look on the Locations & Events page for a more personal shopping experience.                 2012 Booth Photos:      

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Thistle Glass Makeover

Thistle Glass celebrates over 20 years of Glass with a brand new Website . . … For those of you who are familiar with my former website, you will recall the green and burgundy theme, no shopping carts and difficult navigation. To you, I say thank you for bearing with me all these years and being […]

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Dawn Iris 6 inch Sushi

Dawn Series

Dawn: the beginning of a shiny new day….. My tests are complete. Over 10 years of research, studies and kiln tests, at long last I have the miracle breakthrough I was looking for. Over a decade ago, I brought my years of glass experience to work for a company that hand-painted (Verre Eglomise) the back of […]

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Sunny's Rescue he framed up himself

Howard Creek Ranch Project

The journey began with a beautiful trip to the California coast. My husband found us a lovely, rustic place to stay called Howard Creek Ranch. Our cabin was built around a boat washed ashore. Later, we learned that the owner, Sunny, did all the building and renovation of this Ranch himself with very little help. It is a huge […]

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Stained Lighthouse

Stained Lighthouse

This lighthouse represents a sentimental journey filled with life-lessons about nature, perseverance and finding ones true self. A traditional family journey commemorated in stained glass.   –The original photo blown up into a working photo.   –The cartoon rendering so I can select glass and start cutting.   –Glass has been cut, ground, and is ready to foil. […]

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