Glass as I see it

Deep in glass process thoughts, I have sequestered myself away to listen, see and feel the colors. In front of me, a large array of blown glass twisted cane. Letting the pieces fall together the way they want, finding the right bend, cutting in just the right place… all the while, recalling the glass blowing sessions for each vase, twist, pulled cane and pattern bar.
Happy memories of my glass blowing shop flood over me. Thoughts drift to loved ones, past and present….the glass colors harmoniously blend the edges of these thoughts until finally, retrospect and introspect collide. Such a peaceful endeavor is difficult to describe.
I decided to communicate these happy thoughts through photos. I am not a professional photographer, but I feel my photos show you glass, as I see it. I hope by looking deep within the glass, you can gain a sense of what it’s all about. Perhaps glass holds positive energy for all who touch it. For me, glass is cathartic and my evolution with it? Life-long….
Blown Glass Cane Twist PullsBlown Glass Cane Twist PullsOne of my favorite blown glass vasesOne of my favorite blown glass vasesA deeper lookInto the GlassInto the GlassInto the Glass



About Michelle

Michelle Copeland has been practicing Glass Art since 1991 in the following disciplines: - Stained Glass - Lampworking - Fusion and Slumping - Hand-Painted - Sandblasting - Blown Glass. Largely self-taught, Michelle's unusual approach to glass is exhibited in her art, capturing elegance, energy and playful color in her work. Each piece is individually created by the artist herself - her unique approach to glass adds interest, prestige and value. Line, form, color and movement are key ingredients that combine to articulate Copeland's distinctive style.


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