Carved – Red Tray


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This beauty HAD to be made: I hesitate to use red glass because it is a costly color to work with, but when combined with the rainbow iridescent surface? Oh my goodness! Please do not allow food to come into direct contact with the textured glass surface.
I consider this piece to be more of an art statement, rather than a serving tray.
Imagine a 3 inch wide candle in the center!

Carved dichroic glass focal point, iridescent transparent red with amber and clear glass.
Process: carved, fused and slumped
Measurements: 10 inches across, recessed center is approximately 1 inch deep x 3 inches across.

Each handmade Thistle Glass piece has been properly annealed in a kiln for added strength and durability.
Signed on the back for authenticity.
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