Snowflake Ornaments 2014
Ornament PackagingSnowflake Ornaments 2014

About the Snowflake Ornaments

Product Description

This glass is from my private glass stash and it is amazing! Optical coating glass is used in many different applications including the aerospace program. The snowflake colors shift* when tilted and viewed in different lighting. (Not the same as dichroic glass.) The glass seems to pick up colors nearby and will coordinate with any holiday color theme, making these the ideal hostess gift.
This is a limited series because I have been unable to find more of this glass anywhere! These unique ornaments represent the very last of this glass from my studio. Click here to shop now –> Ornaments

*Color shifting: I noticed a light silvery green, cobalt blue and magenta. The ornaments are sandblasted on one side, and the front side was left clear for added depth.
They arrive in the packaging shown.
Please Note: Every snowflake pattern is different on the smaller ones. You choose the quantity and shape and I will take it from there. Every handmade ornament is enchanting, and almost as mesmerizing as watching real snowflakes fall. Happy Holidays to one and all!