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Glass Care & Use

Our goal is to make art glass approachable and user-friendly! We want you to enjoy your glass as much as we enjoy making it!

When I met glass, I was nervous about how fragile it would be. I learned that if I treated glass with respect, it is not nearly as fragile as I thought. I have dropped glass dozens of times out of hundreds of pieces, and only six pieces perished. Basically, don’t worry, and don’t throw it!   ~Michelle

Did you Know?
Our heirloom-quality glass endures extensive testing throughout the entire glass-making process to assure a strong, high-quality product.
We properly anneal (cool) all lampwork, blown, and fused glass pieces, making them as durable as possible.
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Glass Care & Use – Helpful Tips and Common Practices:

Jewelry with Bails
The glue which bonds the bail to the glass is reinforced using tested jewelers’ techniques, providing the best bond possible. Care Tip: Please do not immerse glass art jewelry in water.

Stained Glass

We recommend indoor use and a secure hanging hook.
Clean gently with any glass cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towel.
Learn more about the Stained Glass process here.

Food Service – Fused Glass Plates and Trays

Our fused glass is durable and food safe. The research results are in, we have reports that our fused glass dishes endure normal use for over 10 years! These glass owners do not follow the Chef’s tip (below), they don’t worry about using metal utensils, and they put their dishes in the dishwasher*! The dishes wear as well as ceramic dishes and still sparkle!
Note: If a piece is for decorative use only, we will tell you in the product description.

Chef’s Tips: To properly stack and store fused glass dinnerware, place a soft cloth or paper towel between each piece. What a great way to prolong the sparkle of your glass dinnerware!

Cleaning Tips: If abrasive cleaning is needed, I recommend 0000 steel wool combined with warm soapy water. It works great and will not harm the glass. Avoid using steak knives or abrasive cleaners on the glass. Our tests show this can permanently scratch the surface over time.

Do not place art glass in a dishwasher*, microwave, or oven. Art glass does not like extreme or sudden temperature changes that could shock the glass and cause breakage.

Pass it On! Practice these care tips, and you will have a wonderful heirloom to share with future generations.

We hope these tips gave you a better understanding of glass so you can thoroughly enjoy it!