Glass Care & Use

Thistle Glass does everything possible to assure a strong, high quality product by properly annealing all Lampwork, Blown, and Fused Glass pieces, but cannot guarantee against breakage from misuse.

Jewelry with bails:  I reinforce the glue bonding the bail to the glass using tested jewelers’ techniques and am very confident in the bonding power. However, I do not recommend immersing in water, showering, bathing or swimming with jewelry on. This guideline is a great way to extend the life of your heirloom quality jewelry for many years to come.

Stained Glass:
I recommend indoor use, and a secure hanging hook. Clean gently with any glass cleaner. Learn more about the Stained Glass process here.

Food Service – Fused Glass Plates and Trays:
 My food service glass is food safe unless otherwise noted.
-Do not place art glass in a dishwasher, microwave or oven.
-Do not expose art glass to extreme or sudden temperature changes as this may shock the glass and cause breakage.
-Do not use metal utensils or abrasive cleansers on the glass as this can permanently scratch the surface. If abrasive cleansing is needed, I recommend 0000 steel wool combined with warm soapy water. It works magic and will not harm your glass.

Most Importantly: Please DO use your glass and enjoy it! If these basic guidelines are followed, you will have an heirloom to cherish for many generations to come.