Charm Bracelet, Lapis


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Classic and versatile, fun and floopy, this charm bracelet is fun to wear.
Whether you are dressing for a casual outing or not, the movement of glass beads on chain creates a fundamental accessory to coordinate with most any outfit or mood. If you collect charms, this is a wonderful base piece to add your favorite charms to.
The Charm Collection is a playful design created to celebrate the inner child. Imagine the sheer joy of a glass bead dangling from chain, the way the light plays with the glass.. it is fun! The bracelet allows room to add your own charms, or enjoy the simplicity of this crisp, clean design as it is. The earrings are equally joyful to wear! Dressed up or down, the Charm Collection is a great choice for everyday.

The sterling silver bracelet measures 7-3/4 inches long and is easily adjusted smaller.

Process & color: Lampwork (torch), on-mandrel glass bead creation. Opaque Lapis blue glass.

I use borosilicate – Pyrex glass in all of my lampwork, the most durable glass available. Each handmade Thistle Glass piece has been properly annealed in a kiln for added strength and durability.

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