Gem Collection


Sizes: 1/4″ thick glass
Dish- 6″ x  1/2″ deep
Plate- 9″ x  3/4″ deep
Platter- 12″ x  1-1/4″ deep
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About the Glass:
Inspired by colors and textures found in nature, the Gem Collection of fused glass dishes brings it all together.
There are ocean wave impressions around the border creating movement and an organic feel to the overall piece.
Choose from 3 sizes and 4 colors.
1/4″ thick glass
Dish= 6″ x  1/2″ deep
Plate= 9″ x  3/4″ deep
Platter= 12″ x  1-1/4″ deep
These dishes are food safe. Click here for care tips.

Because each fused glass piece is handcrafted, please expect subtle differences from piece to piece.
Each Thistle Glass piece has been properly annealed in a kiln for added strength and durability. The back is signed for authenticity.

Backorder note:

If you order more than we have in stock, please allow 2 – 6 weeks for order fulfillment. Once we receive your order, we will email you with a more exact timeframe.
Based on how many pieces you order, the shipping price may need to be adjusted to reflect the actual cost.

Additional information

Shape - Size

Dish- 6", Plate- 9", Platter- 12"


Transparent Amethyst Purple, Transparent Garnet Red, Transparent Topaz Blue, Transparent Tourmaline Green