Scribe, Dichroic Small Oval III

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This fused glass pendant is from my ‘Scribe’ series.
The inner layer of dichroic glass is hand-engraved to break up the solid metallic look of dichroic. After engraving, I did new magic tricks to the glass layers to create a slightly aged appearance, changing the look of dichroic even further. To complete, the glass was fused one last time to achieve the optical depth and smoothly rounded shape.

Measurements of the glass: 1/2″ wide x 3/4″ tall.

*Please note the necklace cord is sold separately.
The bail opening fits onto a 1/8″ (4 mm) chain or cord.

Each handmade Thistle Glass piece has been properly annealed in a kiln for added strength and durability, and every bail has been professionally heat set to ensure the best bond possible.

Care Tip: Please do not wear while swimming or bathing.

di·chro·ic (dīˈkrō-ik)

  1. showing different colors when viewed from different directions, or (more generally) having different absorption coefficients for light polarized in different directions.

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