Reversible Glass Jewelry

When I began making jewelry, the only way to hang fused pendants on a necklace was with a glue bail, which extends down the back of the glass. Because the bail is visible through the glass, I was limited to designing around an opaque background, but with that, you only see part of the story.

The ability to use transparent glass in jewelry opens up a fantastic 3-dimensional world where you have the freedom to choose your favorite way to wear this jewelry!

This was all made possible by learning how to do wire wrapping.
I use wire of a sturdy gauge, but not bulky in appearance so you notice more glass than metal.
This creates a clean, elegant frame for the piece.

Versatile, reversible jewelry. Seeing through the glass to the fabric or skin further alters the color of the jewelry. Now one piece seems to coordinate with everything, becoming as unique as the wearer simply by changing the color behind it, and by choosing which side is the front.
Reversible Glass Jewelry –  One side is shiny, the reverse side has a matte finish.
The matte appearance is from the glass resting on the kiln shelf.

Change your mind, reflect your mood, and be uniquely YOU.
– Michelle Copeland


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