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Thinking outside the box!

Shipping costs and rules continually change.
Here’s how we work to bring you fair pricing while maintaining safe glass packaging standards.
Benefit from our combined experience of 58 years in glass shipping, journey with us as we take a creative trip outside the box.

Shipping methods of travel:
We ship our glass via USPS, and on occasion, UPS Ground. Tracking is provided with either shipping method.
We chose these carriers based on many factors, including the fact that these carriers have not drop-kicked the boxes.
Yes, there was a box returned to us with an actual boot print on the crushed box!
The glass was broken, but I am grateful that, in this case, I could repair the piece and make it perfect again. Lesson learned!

Packaged with Care:
We prefer to recycle boxes if they are still in sturdy condition, and we recycle package fill as well.
This is not only mindful of the planet, sometimes our glass is an odd shape, size, or weight and the flat rate boxes from the post office just won’t work.
If there is not the prescribed amount of cushion around the glass, well, you can imagine things could go badly.

We use USPS 2020 flat rate prices. Here are the different shipping classes:
Jewelry = $4.20 for the first piece + $2.10 per each jewelry piece thereafter. So, it would cost $6.30 to ship 2 necklaces.
Small Flat Rate Box = $8.30 for the first piece + $4.15 per each piece thereafter.
Medium Flat Rate Box = $15.05 for the first piece + $7.525 per each piece thereafter.
Large Flat Rate Box = $21.10 for the first piece + $10.55 per each piece thereafter.

Examples of how our shipping prices are calculated when mixing glass types:
One necklace (jewelry rate of $4.20) + one candle holder (small flat rate box rate of $8.30) = $12.50
Oops, you forgot those earrings for Aunt Betsy! No problem, let’s look.
One necklace (jewelry rate of $4.20) + one candle holder (small flat rate box rate of $8.30) = $12.50 + $2.10 (jewelry rate per each after necklace)

Thinking OUTside the Box:
How does all this factor in to benefit you? Here’s how we determine which box size to use.
When I calculate what size box is needed, I choose the tightest fit for the glass, meaning the shipping price is as low as possible.
Often times, I have a glass piece that is an inch too big for the typical flat rate boxes from the post office. Then, when accounting for the fact that bubble wrap adds up to 3″ or  4″ to the needed box size, suddenly you are paying a bundle more for shipping when the weight is virtually the same.
This is when our box and packaging recycling program comes to the rescue! Yes, sometimes it is a gamble, but it is worth it to get your glass to you safely. We can maintain lower prices by charging for the tightest fitting, less expensive box when we recycle boxes and packaging.

Our Standards are High because:
We love glass and truly care that your glass arrives safely to its forever home.
Glass is sharp if broken in shipment, thus horrible to unpack, let’s avoid that at all costs.
We want you to have a pleasant, “Customer Happiness” experience with us!

I hope this explains our shipping a bit better, but if you still have questions, please reach out to us for help.