Stained Glass: The Process

Stained Glass is a wonderful way to add color and personality to your home. In this blog, we follow the process of creating a stained glass window, start to finish.

We begin with desired design while considering the lighting in the area where the glass will be placed.
Next, the pattern cartoon is created, then we choose the glass colors and textures.

Stained Glass: The Process 1

Glass has been chosen, pattern pieces are being traced onto the glass.

Cutting the glass is done using a hand-held glass cutter. We use a glass saw for more intricate cuts.

Stained Glass: The Process 3

Glass has been ground using a glass grinder to achieve the perfect fit.

Stained Glass: The Process 5

Glass has been foiled with copper foil.

Stained Glass: The Process 7

Soldering has begun.

Stained Glass: The Process 9

Soldering completed, the window is clean and ready for patina.

Stained Glass: The Process 11

Applying the patina stain. In this window, the solder lines will become black.

The final phases include framing with a zinc border, intensive cleaning, an application of sealing wax, plus the addition of a sturdy hanging chain. Finished!

Window details: This stained glass panel window is 12 inches square. The Octopus eye is a geode slice. The blue-green glass is iridescent, as are some of the glass blobs (see “front-lit” photo above).
We chose a seafoam textured glass for the clear areas, and water glass for most of the window, which adds movement to the piece. The tentacles are made from 3 shades of purple, and we used mottled glass for the head and suction cups. Created by myself and Laura, a former student reigniting her passion for glass.

We hope you enjoyed seeing this process!

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In 1991, I had a dream in which Stained Glass was to be my life path.
Soon thereafter, a contractor accidentally broke the glass insert of my front door, so I signed up for a Stained Glass class and made my own door glass. During one single class, I felt such peace that I knew I was in the right place.
I continued on my own, studying countless books and teaching myself as much as I could. There were so many glass disciplines to absorb that I couldn’t read fast enough. Now the internet makes research much easier. Thank You to all the educators in print for making my glass journey possible.

Michelle Copeland
Stained Glass: The Process 17
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