Sunhawk House: An Inspired Entry Door

Creating custom stained glass is often a labor of love from concept to completion, but this project for the off-grid Sunhawk House adds a new level of joy.

In the hawk window, the green wings represent the homeowners’ view of the rolling hills in Northern California.
The tailfeathers of the hawk contain 144 pieces of glass in that very small space. Graceful arcs of the clear iridescent waterglass refracts light into subtle rainbows at different times of the day/year. Waterglass refers to the texture of the glass itself and works to lend a sense of movement – air currents lifting the hawk in flight.

Sun Hawk House, stained glass door installation - Built by Michelle Copeland at

The Sunhawk House stained glass door appears on World’s Greenest Homes.

Seeing a hawk in flight

It was an honor helping John and Nancy bring their vision to life. Their solar-powered home was in progress, and their creativity knew no bounds. From the shape of the home itself to the window designs within, this couple thought of everything. Most importantly, they focused on how their environment made them feel.

After learning how Nancy wanted the entryway to feel, we discussed what kind of glass would fulfill those needs. The door is sheltered from direct light, so choosing transparent glass allowed more light to filter in while taking advantage of the natural colors beyond. The glass textures used in this window cast interesting “texture shadows” on the interior surroundings, the simple act of opening a door felt delightful to the eye.

If you are curious about off-grid living, check out this YouTube video where the Sunhawk House stained glass door appears on World’s Greenest Homes.

Also Featured in Natural Home Magazine

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